“We will resist all attacks on press freedom.They are trying to scare us, but don't be afraid. Because if you don't exercise your rights, you will lose them.” Maria Ressa

To support journalist Maria Ressa is to support her fight for democracy, and against disinformation. It is to support independent media in the Philippines, including Rappler, the media outlet she co-founded in 2012.

Named as one of the century’s most inspirational and important women by Time Magazine, Maria Ressa has become a top target for President Rodrigo Duterte’s administration, which has opened at least nine criminal cases against her.If convicted on all of these charges, she could be facing a lifetime in prison – but a clear demonstration of widespread international support could offer her vital protection.

The impunity for violence against journalists that characterises the Philippines is reaching new heights, especially for those who reporting on the pseudo-war on drugs being waged by the Duterte regime, which has resulted in mass extra-judicial killings.

A total of 16 journalists have been killed in the Philippines in connection with their work since Rodrigo Duterte was sworn in as president in 2016. The latest was beaten to death in May 2020.


On 3 May 2021 - World Press Freedom Day - Reporters Without Borders (RSF) and the #HoldTheLine* coalition are launching a mass campaign action in support of Maria Ressa and the media outlet Rappler.

Hours of videos have been sent in by hundreds of supporters around the world – human rights defenders, journalists, artists, lawyers and politicians – to defend a key foundation of our societies: freedom of the press.

You can take part in this mass solidarity movement by uploading your own message in support of Maria, independent media in the Philippines, press freedom or democracy. Your video will be added to a continuous loop that will keep growing until the Philippine authorities drop all charges and cease pressure against Maria Ressa and Rappler.

Thank you for supporting Maria Ressa, independent media and democracy, and for being an important part of this chain of international solidarity.

You message can be just a few moments. Introduce yourself at the beginning, and end your recording with these three words: “Hold the line.”


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You can also support Maria Ressa and Rappler by signing this petition calling for all charges against them to be dropped.


Pierre Haski
Journalist and President of Reporters Sans Frontières, FRANCE

Christophe Deloire
General Secretary of Reporters Sans Frontières, FRANCE

Leon Willems
Director of Free Press Unlimited, NETHERLANDS

Harlem Désir
Politician and ex-OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media, FRANCE

Anya Schiffrin
Director of the Technology, Media, and Communications specialization at Columbia University's School, USA

Joseph Stiglitz
Nobel Economics Prize laureate, USA

Katharine Viner
Editor-in-chief of The Guardian, UNITED KINGDOM

Mercedes Erra
Co-founder of BETC, co-president of the French committee of Humans Right Watch, FRANCE

Jon Snow
Board member of Reporters Without Borders and main presenter of Channel 4 News, UNITED KINGDOM

David Walmley
Editor-in-Chief of The Globe and Mail, CANADA

Peter Greste
UNESCO Chair in Journalism and Communication, AUSTRALIA

Wu’er Kaixi
Tiananmen Square activist, Executive Deputy General Secretary to the Taiwan’s parliamentary human rights commission, TAIWAN

Marc Wiese
German documentary filmmaker, GERMANY

Galina Elbaz
Lawyer and active member of the International League Against Racism and Anti-Semitism (LICRA), FRANCE

Bastian Obermayer
Pulitzer Prize-winning German investigative journalist with the Munich-based newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung, GERMANY

Lisa Dittmer
Advocacy Officer of Internet Freedom · Reporter ohne Grenzen, GERMANY

Bristol Ideas

Wolfgang Schulz
Member of the committee of experts ‘Communication and Information’ and of the advisory board ‘Diversity of Cultural Forms of Expression’ of the German UNESCO-Commission, GERMANY

Erik Larsson
Editor at Arbetet, SWEDEN

Franziska Gorner
Advisor to the management at RSF Germany, GERMANY

Ritu Kapur
Manager Director and co-founder of The Quint, INDIA

Mariana Santos
Founder and Executive Director of Chicas Poderosas, PORTUGAL

Kerry Paterson
Deputy and Advocacy Director at the Committee to Protect Journalists, USA

Natália Viana
Founder and Director at Agência Pública, BRAZIL

Maryam Durani
Afghan activist and women's advocate, Director of Merman (Women’s Radio), AFGHANISTAN

Cherese Thakur
Advocacy coordinator at AmaBhungane, Centre for Investigative Journalism, SOUTH AFRICA

Balbina Flores
RSF Mexico correspondent, MEXICO

Patrick Butler
Vice President at the International Center for Journalists, USA

Aleksandra Bielakowska
Senior Researcher, RSF Taipei Bureau, TAIWAN

Blayne Cutler
President and CEO of Heluna Health, USA

Mike McCurry
Former State Department spokesman and White House Secretary to President Bill Clinton, USA

Karlo Sy Su
Vice chair of the Asian American Journalist Association sport’s taskforce, USA

William Horsley
International director of the Centre For Freedom of the Media (CFOM) at University of Sheffield, UNITED KINGDOM

Sally-Ann Wilson
CEO of Public Media Alliance, UNITED KINGDOM

Chloe Howcroft
Research journalist at the Public Media Alliance, UNITED KINGDOM

Anne-Sophie Novel
Environmental journalist, FRANCE

Barbara Trionfi
Executive Director at the International Press Institute (IPI), AUSTRIA

Gilles Demptos
Director for Asia Pacific of the Asian American Journalists Association, HONG KONG

Margaret Taylor
Community Manager at Amnesty International, NEW ZEALAND

Deborah Bonetti
UK correspondent for Il Giorno Italy and director at the Foreign Press Association, UNITED KINGDOM

Jason Kint
CEO of Digital Content Next, USA

Maxime Domegni
French speaking Africa editor at Global Investigative Journalism Network, TOGO

Assane Diagne
Director of the West African office of RSF, SENEGAL

Daniel Gorman
Director of English PEN, UNITED KINGDOM

Joyce Barnathan
President of the International Center for Journalists (ICFJ), USA

Jean-Claude Coulibaly
President of the Ivory Coast Journalists Union, IVORY COAST

Courtney Radsch
Advocacy director at the Committee to Protect Journalists, USA

Margit Stumpp
Member of the Bundestag, GERMANY

Martin Patzelt
Member of the Bundestag, GERMANY

Marco Varvello
Head of the London Bureau of RAI and Vice-President of the Foreign Press Association, UNITED KINGDOM

Jürgen Trittin
Member of the Foreign Committee at the Bundestag, GERMANY

Cédric Alviani
Director of the East Asian Bureau of RSF, TAIWAN

Rob and Mary Tabor Engel
Journalist, instructor, Knight School at Queens University of Charlotte, USA

Paul Pouchoux
Advocacy officer at RSF, France

Erol Onderoglu
Turkish-French journalist and a representative of Reporters Without Borders, TURKEY

Haeryun Kang & Bruce Harrison
Journalists, SOUTH KOREA

Arnaud Ouedraogo

Zachary Tsung-Hsien Lee
Multimedia journalist, TAIWAN

Taiwan Media Watch

Taiwan NextGen Foundation

Eve Chiu
CEO of the Foundation for Excellent Journalism Award, TAIWAN

Simone Barrientos
Member of the Bundestag, GERMANY

Jerrie Abella
Campaigner for Amnesty International, PHILIPPINES AND MALAYSIA

Glenn van Zutphen
Journalist and media consultant, SINGAPORE

Antonio Zappulla
CEO of the Thomson Reuters Foundation, UNITED KINGDOM

Higashimuki Miwa
Journalist and RSF correspondent, NETHERLANDS

Anuradha Sharma
Independent journalist and RSF correspondent, INDIA

Bill McCarren
Executive director of the National Press Club, USA

Greg Victor
Founder and CEO of the International Free Expression Project, USA

Ulla Jelpke
Member of the Bundestag, spokesperson for Die Linke, GERMANY

Paata Kvavadze
Analyst, Center for Development and Democracy (CDD), GEORGIA

Natia Zoidze
Executive director at Sector 3, GEORGIA

Grace Moon
Freelance journalist, SOUTH KOREA

Irakli Mzhavanadze
Head of Fundraising and Organizational Development Division of CDD, GEORGIA

Rabiu Alhassan
Managing editor at Ghana Fact, GHANA

RSF Taipei Bureau

Chaikou Balde
President of AMDH (Alliance des Médias pour les Droits Humains), GUINEA

Marija Sajkas
Media expert and political analyst, founder of 4 Better Media, USA

Katarzyna Mierzejewska
Engagement coordinator of CFWIJ (The Coalition for Women In Journalism), SWITZERLAND

Joyce Krajian & John Allen
Educators and community builders, USA

Netzwerk Recherche
The German Association of investigative journalists, GERMANY

Katja Gloger
Journalist and member of the board of the German section of Reporters Without Borders, GERMANY

Shermin Langhoff
Artistic Director of Maxim Gorki Theater, GERMANY

Cecília Olliveira
Founder and director of Fugo Cruzado, BRAZIL

Tom Grundy
Editor-in-chief of Hong Kong Free Press, HONG KONG

Erik Halkjaer
President of Reporters Without Borders Sweden, SWEDEN

Reporters Without Borders Sweden

Foundation for Media Alternatives

Dharmasiri Lankapeli
General Secretary of Federation of Media Employees Trade Unions (FMETU), SRI LANKA

Denise, Eleena and Amanda
EMPOWER Malaysia, a women’s rights organisation, MALAYSIA

Stephen King

Levy Abad
Singer and songwriter, PHILIPPINES - CANADA

Violet Gonda
President of the International Association of Women in Radio and Televison (IAWRT), ZIMBABWE - UNITED KINGDOM

Lynda Catindig-Garcia
President of the International Association of Women in Radio and Televison (IAWRT) in the Philippines, PHILIPPINES

Mandira Raut
Member of the International Association of Women in Radio and Televison (IAWRT), NEPAL

Kathy English
Chair of the Canadian journalism Foundation, CANADA

Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger
Former Minister of Justice in Germany, GERMANY

Hassan Shire
Director of the East and Horn of Africa Human Rights Defender Project and Chairperson of the Pan-African Human Rights Defenders Network (PAHDR-Net), UGANDA

Ayesha Khalid
Researcher with the Coalition for Women in Journalism, PAKISTAN

Ekram Shinwari
RSF correspondent, AFGHANISTAN

Danish Karokhel
Director and Editor-in-chief of Pajhwok Afghan News, AFGHANISTAN

Farida Nikzad
Center for Protection of Aghan Women, AFGHANISTAN

Anjilah Arezo
Afghan Journalists Safety Committee, AFGHANISTAN

Ryota Jonen
Director of the World Movement for Democracy, USA

Bassma Kodmani
Syrian democracy activist and member of the Constitutional Committee for Syria, SYRIA

Leonardo Sakamoto
Journalist and activist, BRAZIL

Jackie Harrison
Chair of the Centre for Freedom of the Media and UNESCO Chair on Media Freedom, Journalism Safety and the Issue of Impunity, UNITED KINGDOM

Zaina Erhaim
Syrian journalist and founder of Shams For Equity and Social Justice, SYRIA

Johannes Von Dohnanyi
German-American foreign correspondent, GERMANY - USA

Martina Baeurle
Hamburg foundation for politically persecuted person, GERMANY

Maged Atef
Freelance journalist, EGYPT

Iqbal Khattak
Executive Director of Freedom Network, PAKISTAN

Asma Shirazi
Journalist, war correspondent, host of a primetime TV show and winner of 2014 Peter Mackler Award of Courage and Ethical Journalism, PAKISTAN

Faiza Hassan
Media rights activist, PAKISTAN

Damla Tarhan
Regional coordinator at the Coalition for Women In Journalism (CWIJ), TURKEY

Aftab Alam
Lawyer and running an independent research based media development organisation, PAKISTAN

Ceren Iskit
Research coordinator for the Coalition for Women In Journalism (CWIJ), TURKEY

Chat Garcia Ramilo
Executive director of the Association for Progressive Communication (APC), PHILIPPINES

Val Bugnot
Member of the Association for Progressive Communication (APC), PHILIPPINES

Veronica Ferrari
Member of the Association for Progressive Communication (APC), ARGENTINA

Mariana Fossatti
Member of the Association for Progressive Communication (APC), URUGUAY

Pavel Ivanov
Executive Director and Co-founder of Bluelink, BULGARIA

Roger McNamee
Businessman, investor, venture capitalist and musician, USA

Peter Pomerantsev
Author, journalist and a Senior Fellow at the SNF Agora Institute at John Hopkins University, USA

Antoine Bernard
Lawyer, faculty member at Sciences Po Paris School of International Affairs and Senior Adviser to Reporters Without Borders, FRANCE

Timothy Garton Ash
Writer, contemporary historian and professor at the Oxford University, UNITED KINGDOM

Frederik Obermaier
Pulitzer Prize-winning German investigative journalist with the Munich-based newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung, GERMANY

Andrew Caruana Galizia
Co-founder of the Caruana Galizia Foundation, MALTA

Rubina Mohring
President of Reporter ohne Grenzen, AUSTRIA

Ana Gomes
Former diplomat and a former member of the European Parliament, PORTUGAL

Kathy Kiely
Lee Hills Chair in Free-Press Study at the Missouri School of Journalism, USA

Dr Joseph Fernandez
RSF correspondent, AUSTRALIA

Daniel Bastard
Head of Asia-Pacific Desk Reporters Without Borders, FRANCE

Joel Simon
Executive director of the Committee to Protect Journalists, USA

Patrícia Campos Mello
News reporter and columnist at Folha de S.Paulo, BRAZIL

Diane Foley
Mother of James W. Foley, a freelance, conflict journalist who was kidnapped in 2012 while reporting from Syria and ultimately beheaded by ISIS, USA

Alfonso Bauluz
General Secretary of Reporters Without Borders, SPAIN

Arnaud Froger
Head of the Africa Desk at RSF, FRANCE

Lada Price
A journalism lecturer, UNITED KINGDOM

Karola Wille
Director of German public broadcaster MDR, Chair of the International Press Institute (IPI)’s German National Committee, GERMANY

Rebecca Vincent
Director of International Campaigns for Reporters Without Borders, UNITED KINGDOM

Navi Pillay
Former United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights and former member of the Commission on Information and Democracy, SOUTH AFRICA

Gemma Bradshaw
Director of One World Media, UNITED KINGDOM

Frank Überall
Chairman of the German Journalists’Association, GERMANY

Ted Sullivan
Retired journalist and editor of the “Why journalism matters?” newsletter, UNITED KINGDOM

Regula Venske
Writer, president of German PEN and board member of PEN International, GERMANY

Hamid Mir
Journalist, columnist and author, PAKISTAN

Damian Collins
Member of Parliament and Chair of the House of Commons all party parliamentary group on media freedom, UNITED KINGDOM

Anita Vanderbeld
Member of Parliament in the House of Commons, CANADA

John Sweeney
Investigative journalist and writer, UNITED KINGDOM

Damian Collins
Member of Parliament and Chair of the House of Commons all party parliamentary group on media freedom, UNITED KINGDOM

Alix Grousset
Content creator, FRANCE

Christina Lux
Musician and composer, GERMANY

Camille François
CIO at Graphika & affiliate at Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society, USA

Bianca Jagger
President and Chief Executive of the Bianca Jagger Human Rights Foundation, UNITED KINGDOM